Alternatives to linode


Does anyone know of a good alternative to linode?


Depends on your use case. If you’re looking for a more managed solution then try Host Armada or Scala Hosting.

Thanks Midline, I should have provided more details. I’ve been using linode for the past few years - have a server set up for a VPN, Nextcloud and Cyberpanel for my websites etc. But, I feel like the customer service etc. and pricing etc. has gotten worse since they changed to Akamai. So, now looking for something else. I’ve used DigitalOcean in the past, and have recently heard of Vultr as a potential option.

Do you know if there has been a workshop about how to set up your own server, so it bypasses even companies like DigitalOcean or Linode?. I can’t seem to find it anymore in the ‘Linux course’ - but have a vague memory of it being delivered by Jeff and Vasileios back in 2021 or 22’…or did I imagine this…

Sorry, I don’t think I attended that workshop. However, Host Armada has VPS servers available and their support staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. Suggest you try them. They may also help you to transfer your applications and data to their hosting environment. Linode, Digital Ocean and Vultr will not provide you much support.

I am currently using Digital Ocean for my VPS to host websites and RackNerd for my VPN with no complaints. There is a website called where providers advertise their services. JP has recommended that site a few times.

Thanks, I’ll check it out.

Thanks, sounds good. Will take a look now.

I too am disappointed that the nextcloud and server setup tutorials are gone.

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There was a class on setting up your own server, but it is no longer in the LMS or I cannot find it. late Feb. or early March of 2022

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What do you think the chances are of having those reloaded? Or maybe Jeff will do another session? Or maybe a link to someone’s video that shows how? I really want to learn how to do this!

well seeing as how there is no response from jeff or the admin, I am guessing there is no way to see that fantastic tutorial again. I wish there was…

maybe we need to start a new topic asking about the tutorial for setting up a server? Would that get more attention? I know nothing about linode, so I don’t know if that’s a common enough buzzword to get the attention of someone who would know about the tutorials. I also don’t know how often or how much they scroll through all the activities on the forum. Since they are launching a new browser tomorrow, they might have had resources shifted elsewhere?

a new browser or search engine or both? The tutorial for setting up the server will work on all servers virtual or physical, I think. I never could get it to work. I would go ahead and send something to admin, as I guess there is no one monitoring the forums.