Alternative Apps list

Wanted some recommendations for alternative Apps to use… Dialer, MMS, contacts, maps, photo, podcasts, email, browsers, backup… Etc. Thanks. (Non Big Tech/tracking).

I want to bring up some alternative apps for Android.

I know SimpleApps made apps for contact, dialing, and MMS. There might be a lot more I have not listed.

OsmAnd is a decent alternative to Google Maps, but it might not be one of the top map apps to find for Android. I have not tested the directions, but at least the user can download maps to use some portion of maps offline.

I use FairEmail for general email accounts, but K-9 Mail is also suitable. Protonmail also exists for Protonmail accounts.

There are a lot of browser alternatives. Bromite exists on F-Droid (on some repo that I could not remember which). Bromite is an ad-blocking alternative to Chrome. The browser alternatives are differentiated. If you like Firefox, I would present Fennec which is Firefox with proprietary bits and bits that send data. It does still connect to Google and Mozilla services though.

I have not used exact or close alternatives for podcasts, but I use music players like VLC. I am sure there might exist app alternatives for podcasting. However, I don’t know any alternatives that are not made by a big tech company, or have telemetry.


Thanks Xman. I’m using Simple Dialer… but the SMS/MMS App isn’t working quite right for me… MMS/Picture sending issues.
I’ll try out OsmAnd, FairEmail, & K-9 Mail. I do have Protonmail so I use that.
Browsers - Yes I’ve used Bromite… Fennec on Linux Thanks. I also use Brave, Presearch, Epic, & Carbon.
For Podcasts, I love Podcast Addict… I think it’s fairly private.

Other favorite apps I have on my phone - NewPipe, TubeMate, FightRadar24, Telegram, Signal, CubeACR, File Manager+, Net Guard, Stremio, Wifi Analyzer, Network Cell Info,…

Anyone know of Google Voice alternative / VOIP Provider ?

I also like Apps that let you access BigTech anonymously… like Fritter used to work for Twitter. Any similar that let you peer into FB, IG, TikTok & the like ?

I checked out K-9 mail. So far so good. Thanks. Bromite, Fennec, Epic, Brave, Presearch all working good.
How bout Social Media alternatives ? Fritter used to be good. Are there Alt-connectors for other apps like FB, IG , Tik-Tok etc ?
I really like Telegram but it’s hard to convince friends & fam.
NewPipe (YT client) is awesome.

I’m not a wiz developer, but I’m currently working on some ‘default’ app replacements like dialer, notes, clock, sms/mms etc simply because there aren’t any good alternatives to Google and Apple products. If you’re interested in testing them let me know. They’re still a bit out from beta testing, but I’m getting there.

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Always interested in testing. Thanks.

I have a few of the apps semi close to testing, I can share more soon for anyone interested is testing and sending me feedback.

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Wanted to add more Android apps to the list. Side-load APK’s & use alternative app stores.
Looking for advice & recommendations
Aurora Store
Revanced Manager
K-9 Mail
Browsers - Presearch, Epic, Brave, Bromite, Fennec