Alternative Apps - Automated Workflow application for incoming email

Automated Workflow application for incoming email.
I am looking for replacement software for MS Power Automate(Flow), specifically to perform tasks on incoming emails.

i.e. When specific emails arrives in inbox, save attachment to a specific network folder and log specific data from email in a text file, spreadsheet, or database.

If anyone has any recommendations share of applications they have expireince with would be greatly appreciated.


You can create Thunderbird rules for incoming mail that automatically move messages to appropriate folders so you don’t have to do it manually.

It’s possible for Thunderbird rules to run when you receive a new message, when you send a message, when you archive a message, every 10 minutes, and when you manually trigger them.

Set up message filters in Thunderbird

I have used ThunderBird on Linux, Mac, Windows at home and on corporate networks.

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Take look at Node-RED. You my be able to do it with that.