After installing Linux

Can I use Linux without using Terminal?

Im either dont understand something or im totally wasted my time and effort for installing Zorin.
I cant find an answer for how to even copy and paste using keyboard, so shocked, i thought there was something gone wrong during installation, or i did something, but i researched and im learning that i have to learn how to use Terminal/code/or whatever its called.

I thought Linux was supposed to be better than Mac OS, i bought an 2012 and finally learned how to install, now im totally perplexed, is it true that keyboard shortcuts dont exist in Linux?
For something simple as hilight, copy and paste text i have to learn how to code?

Im 55 years old, so please answer my questions without trying to convince me that its easy and it will be good for me, im not interested in learning computer programing, thank you

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You do not have to use the terminal to copy+paste in Linux, no. X11 and your desktop environment handle your clipboard for you and allow you to use keyboard shortcuts. To find out what keyboard shortcut is assigned to this action, look under the ‘Edit’ menu, like in my screenshot. Notice that ‘Copy’ is ‘Ctrl+C’, while ‘Paste’ is ‘Ctrl+V’. Note that in some applications, the keyboard shortcut may be different (like in the terminal, where it is ‘Ctrl+Shift+C’/‘Ctrl+Shift+V’. In some desktop environments, this keyboard combination may be altered by the user.


Thank you soo much!!

What is X11?

What’s shortcut for screen shot?

X11 is a graphical server, which, without, we would still be using terminals and a keyboard instead of a mouse. It’s not really important to the average user, just an application that runs to keep the user from having to use a terminal for everything :grinning:. Default shortcut for a screenshot is ‘Print Screen’, which some keyboards label ‘Prt Sc’, ‘Prt Scr’, et cetera. I don’t believe Apple keyboards have this key, so you may have to launch the ‘GNOME Screenshot’ application.

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oh, dear, whats GNOME Screenshot application? I’ll look it up, at least i feel better now

Im soo sorry for my stupid questions, but very grateful for your answers!

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Hello @Gdaiva!
Also, @sycuso, thank you so much for offering a helping hand. I truly appreciate it!

Gnome is the desktop environment you are using. Zorin happens to make the best use of it, as you can run the app called “Appearance” to arrange its layout to look like a Mac or a Windows machine.

You can easily take a screenshot by pressing the PRNTSCRN (or Print Screen) key on your keyboard. All your screenshots will be saved inside your Pictures folder. Also, right-clicking on files, folders or even in empty space, will bring you the options you will need.

The terminal is not necessary at all. It’s just a good way to communicate things faster. Instead of posting 5-6 screenshots with markings, we can do 2 commands and get the same result. That’s why you see it so often.

there is no print screen key on Mac

thank you for your help

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Hey @Gdaiva!
Then I stand corrected re Mac. If you have an extended keyboard, then it’s usually the F key above the Insert/Delete one. However, if you have the default keyboard, you can go to Settings and search for Shortcuts. You can then scroll down and set your own “Print Screen” or “Screenshot” shortcut. :slight_smile:

Thank you @vasileios for your help,
i found where i can set my own shortcuts, i thought wow how its cleaver and easy, you just open the option and press the keys that you want, i did it and it doesnt work, i mean seems like its trying to work on desktop when nothing else is opened, i see the dragging shadow for the area i want to take a shot, but

  1. if its working only on desktop/walpaper i still dont know where to find the shot, if id took, i looked in all files and its not there. So its either not taking or i cant find it where its stored.
  2. i can onlu see the dragging shadow on the desktop, like i said, if i open browser and want to take a shot from some website, it doesnt respond at all.

Any ideas?
im on Mac, Zorin Pro
Thank you very much

Hey @Gdaiva!
In Zorin Pro there are two simple ways you can do this:

  1. Locate the Screenshot app from your menu (or dashboard), right-click on it and add it to your favorites. It will drop down to the dock where you can easily run it and select the type of screenshot you want.
  2. Install Flameshot and do the same (add it to your favorites). Then, once you run it, it will appear on your tray icons and you can click on it whenever you want to take a screenshot. It offers many more options - like a Mac - when you take a screenshot, like marking on it, saving it, or simply copying it to your clipboard.

The process to install flameshot is simple. Open up a terminal and run:

sudo apt install flameshot

It will then appear on your apps like any other & you can see its options here:

I hope this helps! :slight_smile: