After a few weeks on Ubuntu, there are several frustrations

Thank you! the issue was quite simple. Two little dots on right side of screen means that there is another page where Transmission was located. Finding it under Settings did not work. In any case its just a persistence thing, getting frustrated does not work…


Also now realize that Ubuntu is gnome desktop, which I glossed over somehow.

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ahh, “super key” and you will see the other “desktop”

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so opened up Transmission to see the interface, simple enough
used to MicroTorrent that opens automatically something that Transmission appartently does not do
I looked and can’t figure out how to set Transmission a Torent client, or even how to manually direct the program

Stumped again… must be simple

So, I never noticed this as I usually just saved my torrents with right click to a folder a have mapped to my server just for torrent and transmission on it automagically downloads new torrents in the folder.

I used a quick brave search on phone and found this from Unix Stackexchange:

Chromium obeys the system-wide xdg settings. To configure opening magnet links with a custom application use the following command

*xdg-mime default transmission-gtk.desktop x-scheme-handler/magnet*

You can also do this manually: Open the file ~/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list and add the following entry in the section [Default Applications]:


You can confirm the new setting with

xdg-mime query default x-scheme-handler/magnet

I currently have no “internet” at the house so I cannot check this myself. You will likely need to logout and log back in and then attempt to open a magnet link.

Hope this helps.

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