Afraid to Switch?

Over the past few weeks, I’ve seen the words, “I need to drum up my courage” and “I’m afraid to switch”, “building my courage”, and “This is HARD!”

I will say that there have been a few times in my own life where “courage” was the furthest thing from my mind, and yet I dove right in; into the water to rescue a child, into a fire to carry out people who were injured, into a battle I didn’t ask for, into the window of a moving vehicle to stop the out-of-control car from taking a man suffering a seizure into a river.

Courage isn’t about being brave. Not at all. Those real-life incidents above happened to me. No, I am not bragging about it. I’m simply saying that I DID NOT THINK about the danger any time I did those things. It was only afterward that the adrenaline hit me, and brought me nearly to my knees.

Sometimes in life, it’s not about being afraid of what MIGHT happen, it’s about what might happen if you do not take the steps you need to take.

In this case, we’re speaking of taking the steps to Free Yourselves of Big Tech Tyranny.

Many might not see the convenience of Windows or Apple iOs as a danger. No, they see it as “easy”. They don’t have to “worry”. They click and go, buy, and sell, search for things, and use the nice, pretty, built in search engine (and “built-in” it IS, right to the OS for both Safari and for Internet Explorer).

In theory, all things being equal, you should be fine with using Safari, Internet Explorer or any OS to do whatever you need to do, without worrying about spyware, people collecting your “metadata” (the essential part of who you are).

Unfortunately, that today, is not the case. You don’t have to take my word for it, after all, I’m just a “Pirate”. In reality, you should check me, check my statements, and LEARN for yourselves about the truth behind the Giant Tech Companies and how YOU are the actual commodity, and your money is there for them to pick from your money tree. I’ll leave you to do that later.

But now, let’s go back to “Courage”.

Stepping away from Big Tech isn’t going to take any courage at all. It takes 1) Determination that you want to do it, 2) the time to actually do the job and learn how to do the job, 3) the ability to have a working (or mostly working) computer running a glacially-slow-Windows Operating system (or iOs).

Not courage. JUST THE WANT TO DO IT.

So get out there, find that extra computer (highly recommended you find a spare one to work with), find that Linux Distro (or many of them to play with), and build that USB flash drive (first with one, then another to test!) and then boot the computer into them.

Examine the OS. Find one you LIKE. Finally, install it and move away from Big Tech forever.

The real Courage is going to come when they realize finally, that they are being left behind and they try to stop what is coming… the end of Closed-Source-Proprietary Operating Systems.

The War is on-going. You are already a part of it. You just haven’t realized it yet.

Pick up your weapons and and form up. We march at DAWN!


(By weapons I mean your computer, your Linux, your thumb drive and your ‘courage’)


Captain Fletcher, Pirate


I remember when I moved over. 2000 - 2003 I was testing for a company I was contracting with - Solaris was the system I was doing java and db on. I finished the contract and I sent the hardware (the pc’s) back and I was back on Window. I got up one morning and my windows desktop looked strange. My computer had reset. Overnight. No explanation. All my data was gone. 2003-04 I was playing with SUSE and … it was not intuitive. I was doing some work for a Microsoft Systems company and they gave me NT!! It was the same but supposedly better. Eight months in I again got up one morning to find EVERYTHING gone. I had access to some career IT people at that time and after three weeks they said - we think the data is in this partition but we dont know how or why. WHAT?? I was at the book store going through magazines Nov 2004 and Ubuntu 4.10 was on cd on the cover of a magazine. I got it - installed it - never looked back. Trying to figure out all my programs - how to do on a foreign system what I had been doing on my familiar system was - well, it created some stress, anxiety, a few difficult days and nights but - Ive NEVER had regret.

My reason for the move was lost data - and a lot of it. Some years ago I found in a box that massive 5" Compaq hard drive :smiley: I was able to recover all that data. Nothing at all important now - except some contacts that I had lost touch with and now had their numbers and emails again. If you have a reason to move - its not only easier - you have the drive to get thru any little issues.

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Lost data is never fun. And sometimes, through no fault of your own. I lost some data from my phone once, due to a very bad technician who tried to “dry it out” and destroyed my SD card. My fault for no pulling it out I guess. My fault for living in a wet environment and forgetting to bag my phone. My fault for having a lousy phone. But, lesson learned.

So I uploaded everything to google so they have pictures of me from 5 to 65. Duh. LOL


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Before Big Tech took over, I really enjoyed learning to do things for myself on the internet. I loved looking for and trying out shareware, I had my own website, so I learned a little HTML and FTP. I made at least one animated gif. Pretty soon I didn’t have to learn anymore because it was made easy by big companies. I lost interest about the same time blogs started getting popular. With this new challenge with Linux I feel that same sense of accomplishment again. It’s been fun, and I want to keep learning.


Dear Captain Fletcher, Pirate,

Being unsure of how to do something and not leave yourself vulnerable, has been my sticking point. I need the VPN and its taken a while to learn how to ssh with VSP.

‘The real Courage is going to come when they realize finally, that they are being left behind and they try to stop what is coming… the end of Closed-Source-Proprietary Operating Systems.’

You nailed that.

This is the week I drop kick those bastards to the curb.
Thanks for writing your words and putting your perspective out here.
Needed to hear that.

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You’re welcome. I believe that a fight will ensue soon. Big Tech is starting to “grok” what is happening. There are thousands showing up to escape. MILLIONS are behind them and many just haven’t yet figured out they need to escape.

But, like the “Red Wave” at the beginning of November, the “flood” is going to break down the Dam of Big Tech, and the “commodities” - all of us - will depart their grasp. And Big Tech will falter.

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