Adobe Acrobat: Seeking BEST Linux FOSS App Alternative (Ubuntu distro)

Forum Friends:

I’m a professional editor (copy editor, proofreader) who adores the Comment / Annotation tools in Adobe Acrobat. My clients love Acrobat as well.

I’ve searched and searched for Acrobat’s FOSS “twin”, with not much luck. And, I am wanting a “clone” of Acrobat’s features.

I’ve read the blogs, installed the most (highest) recommended FOSS apps for PDF document readers and editors/annotators, AND they don’t meet my work needs.

I’m not redesigning the PDF content, I am copy editing (proofreading) the text.

Is there an Acrobat “clone” out there in the FOSS world? If yes, please Reply with their names, websites for downloading, etc., etc. Snap and Flatpak are not helping me much with their offerings.

Thanks in advance!

I’ve eliminated the following:

  • Atril
  • Inkspace
  • LIbreOffice Draw
  • Master PDF Editor
  • Okular
  • Scribus

Hi @LadyJC!

Check this list. There are different options here than you listed.

Also keep in mind, FOSS programs by nature are a little behind the Big Tech curve, though not far. Given time, a lot of these programs you’ve tried will likely implement what you’re looking for down the road. So if you’re unable to find something to replace it now, check again later as things get updated all the time.

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You might want to take a look at PDF Studio:


Will do, SBHX, thank you.

I know I’m “picky” due to my work needs and Adobe spoiling users like me.

I have faith FOSS folks are rising up to the challenge. I may even volunteer to be a Beta Tester!

Wow, thanks, @vasileios - this looks promising!

Appreciate the info. :slight_smile:

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You’re very welcome @LadyJC! I truly hope this will be up to par with your expectations. :slight_smile:

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Would WINE or setting up a virtual machine to run adobe on be an option?

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Yes, WINE is very viable. As well as a VM. But just know that it will not run as smoothly.

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Hello @huey22!
I’ve been looking at the same thing. Wine will run Adobe, but the older versions, not the newest ones. On the VM side, you’ll have much better chances to utilize newer software via VMware Workstation Player (the free version, not the trial one - as sometimes the links lead to the trial).

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Thank you! This works perfectly for me after trying some of the other ones!

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