About usrmerge

Someone can give is opinion about usrmerge in Linux Mint. I have read many who say is not important some said is very important. Someone think is important?

thank you for your input

Hey @Shuflo,
This is basically a cleanup operation to bring the user-defined commands (that come from installing utilities) into the /usr unified folder. So, you will have /usr/sbin instead of just /sbin folders, for example.

It’s more about standardization across Linux distributions and Debian began this process about a year ago. It’s only natural that all Debian-derived distros will follow suit at some point, like Ubuntu, Mint, Zorin, Elementary, etc.

The only thing that this affects the most is the older-coded apps and utilities, that will have to redefine their paths or set the correct symbolic links to the new folders. That’s - for example - software that we compile from GitHub that is coded by third parties.

For example, an app/utility that hasn’t been updated in over a year may encounter errors. However, I run the latest Debian and the /sbin folder is still out there. So, it’s a gradual process.

This will not affect the official repositories.

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@vasileios I learn so much just by watching these threads. YOU ROCK!! Cheers!! :metal: :metal: :metal: :metal:

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Wow Thank you, so how to install from r-base into the path to sed? as you said fromGitHUb?

You’re welcome, @Shuflo!
GitHub is generally a great resource to install things from - but I’d recommend it only when there are no repository packages available. It just happens that you have an Ubuntu-based distro, so the files are repositories. You can find the command sequence in the link below:

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