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I must say, I ditched iphone for a Pixel 4a and installed LineageOS. The Lineage website is very helpful. Find an unlocked phone or one where the bootloader can be unlocked. Pixels are great for this but there are others. Swappa is a good source to find used and new phones in good or like new condition.


I’m having a time using adb in Linux. Where is the platform tools folder located in Linux Mint? I think I need to move my factory image to this folder in order to flash through adb. My device is recognized in fastboot but I’m stuck here.

Edit: got it fixed. No platform tools folder required. Just had to change the downloaded image to .zip in adb. Flashed successfully.

Has there been progress on a Linux OS that Jeff and his folks talked about releasing?

I was told September in Saturday’s live stream. Cheers!!