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This section of the forum will take you through the basics of the Linux Operating System and how you can begin to implement it in your daily lives. It’s time to regain your Digital Freedom!

This category is for:

  • People who are fed up with Big Tech but unfamiliar with other operating systems beyond Windows and macOS.

  • Focusing on the overall philosophy and approach on the Linux Operating System.

  • Containing topics regarding the general support and approach that are distribution agnostic.

  • Discussions regarding planning and implementation regarding switching from Windows and macOS to Linux.


I installed abuntu and now what do I do? Is Linux next?

I did it, got Ubuntu on my old laptop. So excited. It’s so tidy. Now to figure out how to connect to internet, but for now this is fin

Hi, I’m a great grandmother and have no idea where to start. I have a 10 year old HP laptop which I’ve backed up. So where do I go from here?

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I have an old Inspiron 1525 laptop - will that work. The keyboard doesn’t work right so I have a Bluetooth auxiliary keyboard. Mousepad works.

Why was I locked out of the live session for asking a question regarding the necessity of turning on my microphone? I only wanted to listen in. Learn something. I rarely turn on my microphone - seems a heavy handed response.

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I downloaded Lenix to an external DVD drive. I loaded it to my Laptop and establish shared memory space to have a dual platform. Now i am unable to run either system. Just sitting here looking at my computer.

@SentinelCrow I apologize that no one responded to your inquiries. The software has been dropping notifications, periodically. Are you still having issues? @vasileios is a wizard at finding answers or at least refer you to an article that has the answer.

Thank for you finding this, @BigDaveAZ!
This topic is for the description of the Beginners category, thus it’s not monitored by the forum.
@SentinelCrow, please open up a New Topic and please let us know what brand and model your computer is. You might need to have access to another computer to go in and fix everything.

I am just going through and reading everything I have not read before - I have had a months at a time where I was too ill to even access my computer.

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