3-D AutoCAD programs

Can anyone recommend free open source software for designing backyards specifically swimming pools? I am currently using a program called pool studio that requires a monthly subscription and only runs on windows. :frowning: I really don’t want to have a windows system anywhere around me but it looks like I might be stuck! I checked out blender which is really a cool program but from what I could tell It won’t really work well for swimming pool design.

Perhaps this can help:

If the options aren’t helpful, you can have a look at the forum post on having Windows 10 inside of Linux and see if that works for you.

Right on. I Know you must be swamped. Thank you for your time.

Does anyone know if Autodesk Fusion 360 can be installed on Linux??

Unfortunately, not as of this moment. I used it in the past and the only solution I found for it is to install Windows as a Virtual Machine from within Linux.

If there is an executable file that installs on windows for the pool studio app, have you tried installing it with Wine?

In some file managers on Linux, you can right click the .exe installer file and open with Wine windows program loader. You can also do it via the command line “wine programname.exe”.

I haven’t tried wine yet but its on the list. Good to know about the exe file. Thank you!