17 is not to be talked about?

Just got booted of telegram for asking about 17
Didn’t even get a chance to see the reply

Booted off Telegram?
Or from a channel?

I find it hard to believe you’d be booted off Telegram.
Now a particular channel, sure, because not everyone believes.

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Yeah it was the JP channel I understand some people are not into 17 but I would like my account unblocked Great Awakening Australia.

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What is 17?

Many telegram channels are moderated by super controlling individuals. If you ask questions or do not agree - you are called a troll, trouble maker, etc and blocked.

Channels are either 99% open or very closed. The forums are still a better place to “discuss”.

Q - The 17th letter of the alphabet.

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Ah, OK…

Many have worked to distance themselves from that for various reasons so that might be the case with JP. It might also be the context of the posts, etc.