Zorin on Mac

I finally installed Zorin on 2012 MacPro, im 55years old self-learner, so it was a big deal to take it on, but it went pretty smooth, after i installed though, now im faced with other challenges of how to use it.

Im not using Terminal, not interested.

It is quite different from Mac OS, i need to learn keybord shortcuts, how to take screen shot, spelling correction, etc, simple tasks like that.
Also any useful applications, like photo and video editing, etc.
If somebody came across a good tutorial, has tips, anything Zorin on Mac, please share here, really appreciate!


I’m trying to do the same thing with a 2013 Macbook Pro. However, something in the installation messed up and it won’t boot all the way now. I have asked the admins for help, so hopefully I can get it running soon.


hopefully they’ll help, good luck!

Typical keyboard shortcuts:
Cut: Ctrl+X
Copy: Ctrl+C
Paste: Ctrl+V
Select All: Ctrl+A
Save: Ctrl+S
Find: Ctrl+F
Print: Ctrl+P
Please note that keyboard shortcuts can differ from app to app, but the ones listed are almost universal. Web browsers, for example, can use Ctrl+R as reload, Ctrl+D as bookmark, etc.

To install applications without using the terminal, open the Zorin menu and click “Software”, there you can search for software packages, such as GNOME Screenshot. Applications already installed will also be within the Zorin menu. Alternatively, you can install packages from the snap website at https://snapcraft.io/ (although I have not personally done this, so there may be more configuration that needs to be done, always worth a try anyway :slight_smile:)

Spelling correction is not a system-wide feature, so you may not have the ability to use it in your favorite app. Browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox have built-in spell checking, as well as document editors like LibreOffice Writer (which can also be found in the software center). You might also have a look at GNOME Dictionary. Photo editing can be done with GIMP.


It works now, i installed Zorin Lite and chose Machintosh keyboard option, and Copy/paste works.

Still have to figure out how to correct the spelling, it show error with red underline, but what key i need to press to have an option to correct? I dont have a mouse, only touchpad.
Thank you

Congratulations and nice work!

Replace the photo app with Shotwell. Suggested somewhere else by Vasileios. Excellent photo manager.

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Shotwell, i’ll look into that, thank you!