Wordpress - How do you layout your web pages?

Was able to create a wordpress site from the instructions in the class.

Reaaaallly struggling with how edit my site and make something useful from it.

I saw one video that used a plug in to word press that seemed to make it easier. I think it was called elemental. Does anyone know how to install it?

Any suggestions for how to make it much easier to layout my web pages?

Hey @Nestling!
You might want to go with the following plugins to begin with:

  • Gutenberg Block (for editing / creating posts)
  • Really Simple SSL (to always redirect to your secure https site)
  • Yoast SEO (to get previews and images from your posts when you share)

To install the plugins, go to the Plugins Tab on the left bar of your Wordpress, click Add New and search for the above names. Then you can click Install and Activate them.