Wireguard, successful ping, but now no internet

I have read Wireguard man pages, rewatched youtube installs, searched for and tried multiple setup instructions and troubleshot for “successful ping, but now no internet” situation.

Can someone help me get this resolved?

I feel like I am SO CLOSE! And I have learned so much in this process!

I have been using NordVPN since January successfully on MacOS, Windows, iOS, Android, Ubuntu and Lineage. (I have a two-year subscription, effective until January 2023. But SETTING UP MY OWN VPN is one of my HURDLES to overcome! I am determined!!

Thank you so much!


@vasileios has the answers but if your stuck,
Did you do an update first?
Follow lesson lesson 007 and 015 to harden the VPN
Wait for @vasileios
If all else fails, (god I hope my fingers don’t get whacked…)
I hope this helps
It’s 3 mins, really easy to install wireguard

@vasileios I can delete this post if it is unhelpful to others.

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Thank you so much for the video, @George! And no, you don’t need to delete anything. :wink:

Also, @George and @elleneia, if all else fails, go right here and follow its easy instructions:

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Lesson 017 has a pdf attached with a step by step guide.

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