VirtualShield VPN


I am trying to find out who owns VirtualShield VPN - anyone on here know? I am looking for the list of executives for the company.


I don’t like the source of this article, but it does have some useful information: VirtualShield Cannot Be Trusted. This article started as a simple… | by Eric’s Technology Blog | Medium

The headline is misleading. Don’t pay attention to it. The information that I gather from this is that VirtualShield takes privacy very seriously, even their own. But take that as you will.

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After working in the upper levels of a large aerospace company, I agree with the author that a company that tries hard to shield its officers is not to be trusted. Couple that with the ‘bait-and-switch’ tactics and the numerous consumer complaints, I feel better staying away from them for now.

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I feel you there! In an era where truth isn’t even the truth, transparency is paramount!

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