USB Serial cable

I was trying with my new linux ubuntu machine to connect my telescope with its usb-serial cable to the FOSS software who control it (Kstars). The Linux version of kstars do not find the cable/telescope, I search on the net and learned that its seem to be a normal issu (linux/usbserial) and its related to the right (crw-rw ect) I said to myself hey nice I just learn that in a tutorial with Vasileios!
The problem is I made the changes via this command below but cannot revert the changes by myself and the software crash now :

jesin@localhost:~$ sudo usermod -a -G dialout jesin

I cannot figure out how to revert this command/situation ? Can someone tell me the command to make this change back to original.
Best Regards to all

Hey @pete!
There are several ways to remove yourself from a group. A simple one is to type in:

sudo gpasswd --delete jesin dialout

To see if you’re indeed no longer in the dialout group, type:


Many Thanks Vasileios you make my day :slight_smile: Have a great week all

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