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Hello all!


Hello to all that are on this journey. At 55 years of age I am excited to learn how an operating system actually works. lol


Welcome Connie! Many of us are in the same boat.

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I’m so glad to be here, but must get back to bed. It’s super early here in Europe. Looking forward to chatting with all of you!


Glad to be here and seing so much interest in protecting your privacy and helping others imporve theirs!!!


Welcome Sandy! Get some sleep>

Welcome Cronos! We have need this for a long time.

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Hello all. Never thought I would start this journey again after putting it down almost 30 years ago!

Nice to be here. Can’t wait to learn new computer skills!

Woohoo! Hello everyone! Looking forward to learning so much more about Linux & FOSS here and helping out anyone that I can when I can.

Hello to all of my newfound Linux Patriots! :wave:

Welcome Connie!!! prepare yourself for digital freedom!!

I absolutely love the name!!

Welcome Cronos, prepare yourself for digital freedom!!

Hello to all glad to be here

Hello, BB:

Looking forward to learning. Ubuntu is already on my 2011 Win 8.1 machine. Glad this Forum is here for newbies!

Hello Everyone! I think this will be a very helpful forum.

I am learning with every post, class and forum session. I have a long ways to go as I never fully learned any computer i have ever owned. I am looking forward to having a better understanding of this in the near future or distant, whatever it takes.