Systemd error at startup

Turned the power on and got this message, what to do?

Then this came up after server also minutes

It appears to be a file-system error - which generally tends to put the drive on Read-Only mode.

Did you happen to install Linux on a rather old drive?

You should know this one personally…lol! It’s the HP we found some issues with the hard drive. I think it’s time for a fresh disk!

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LOL indeed!
I just noticed your post in our previous discussion. :smiley:

So you agree, she’s ready for some new drive?

Oh, yes. I believe it’s time. Your system landed on another bad block - as those critters tend to expand. We can fix it, but it won’t be long before another cancer cell appears.
I’d highly recommend an SSD, even a smaller one. You’ll see a titanic difference in performance. :slight_smile:

Agreed, my current HP windows blue screen special, I had the ruined hard drive due to the ole 8.1 disk killer. Replaced with a SSD drive and really feel the speed! Thanks again for the tips and tricks!

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It’s always my pleasure and you know it! :wink:

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