Suggestion for playing videos in your class

Im not sure if i dont know how to use it or what.

The first videos and workshops are fine, but i looked at 026 Virtiluization and you play youtube video with all other boxes around- the chat and participants, etc.
I cant see what is he talking about, i mean the writing are too small to see, and its not possible to click to watch on you tube.

Thank you!

Hey @Gdaiva!
I saw you asked the question on Telegram too. First, you can try to maximize the window, since it’s full HD. Also, I believe that Jeff mentions the channel this video comes from, so you can check it directly at YouTube.
Please note that this is a video/screen recording of the workshop, that’s why you can’t click on the playback of the YouTube video.

@vasileios thank you for your respond, yes, i asked there too, i wont double my questions anymore, sorry.
The first lessons were where i could click on video and re-watch it, anyway, i’ll try to find it, i just thought i dont know where the link is posted

thank you

No worries, @Gdaiva!
I also asked Jeff about the YouTube links you requested the other day. Once he gets back to me, I’ll send them over. Also, we’ll see if we can include those links in the last slide of each workshop on the LMS. :slight_smile:

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