Stuck on re-instalation of Telegram

Apparently i was banned from JP group on Telegram, i thought it was some kind of bug, i tried to remove the Telegram from my laptop and re-install it, now im stuck, when i try to install it again it says removal is in process.
Its been a while, i even restarted computer .

But i checked my Telegram on my phone and i cant type on JP main channel it says im banned. I dont see JP chat at all, still see JP main channel, do you think if im banned i wouldnt see the main channel either?

If you are banned the the ban will result in not being able to see Jeffery Peterson either. This is likely a telegram version mismatch. This has happened to others that did something and they lose both. When the mismatch occurs it will also affect the phone account as well. Your account is tied all together so it will cause havoc across all of it.

Most of us have found the solution is to always use a Flatpak installation which is not installed on Unbuntu by default. One way or another we will get you squared away again. We won’t leave you in limbo.

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thank you, i’ll install Manjaro tonight

Hi Dale,
I am jumping into this conversation because I am trying to understand …
I just recently joined Jeff.Pro. I am reading post as they come into my email as a way of getting familiar with the information /issues/ resolutions and such before tackling my own computer.
Well, today I decided to ask my own questions, if I may, in an effort to wrap my head around some of these terms being used.
What is Flatpak? If it is needed, why isn’t is included with Unbundu? And since it was not included, how would you know to install Flatpak? Is there a list of add-ons to choose from when you install OS on your computer?
Is there a fee associated with all of the OS?

What is Manjaro and why is it being installed?

I am so confused!

Thank you for any assistance in clearing up the mud.

Hi Maxie,

  1. A flatpak is just another means to install software to a Linux system. It is a more universal type that are supported by many Linux Operating Systems.

2 & 3. Unbuntu includes it’s own libraries for software. All Linux Operating systems do. Flatpak is another repository. While it may not come default it can be installed. How to Install and Use Flatpak on Linux

  1. Flatpaks are installed when you can’t find something in the official software repository. Social media applications constantly update and the flatpak usually updates first.

  2. Addons. Yes the software repository Discover or Synaptic in Unbuntu are how you would add software to your system. The command line isn’t necessary but can also be used.

  3. FOSS stands for Free Open Source Software. There usually isn’t a fee associated. If there is the vendor will let you know.

  4. Manjaro is another Linux Operating system. It’s just my personal favorite, I often find less command line configuration is needed with it than others. It’s also better for detecting hardware in my opinion.

I hope this helps clear up your questions. Let us know if have more!

So, Unbundu is just another Linux OS as well?

Yes it is another Linux OS, most of our lives using computers we have been locked in a two room cell with an apple and a window. Linux is like getting a mansion after having been in prison. We have so many choices available to us.

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