Ssh Connection refused

I have 2 computers and wanted to transfer files from one to the other. I can use ssh and scp from the first to the second, but when I try to use them from the second to the first, I get Connection refused. Is there some setting I need to change to overcome this? (I did get the files transferred using a thumb drive, but need this working anyway.)

Maybe, if the connection is refused you might need to edit your .ssh files on that machine to allow incoming connections, or if you’re using root as the user, that isn’t allowed by default.
What distro are you using on each computer?
Are you using a login account other than root?
Is that account name set up as an account on both machines, especially the machine that is refusing the connection?

A Google search will give you a lot of information to help you fix your problem.

A DuckDuckGo search led me to the information that my new Mint installation did not have ssh service installed. Now that that is fixed, it’s working! Thanks! It is puzzling to me that with ssh service not installed, I was able to use ssh to connect to another computer, but that computer couldn’t connect back to me. Anyway, it’s now fixed.