Resolving a read only external drive

Having switched to Zorin on my iMac, finding I can pretty much read everything on my external drive I want, access all the music through Rhythm Box etc, yet the drive is very much read only now. Struggling to work out how to resolve this as it’s gonna start causing more challenges as the likes of Rhythm Box & I’m guessing other programs/apps won’t be able to merge easily from 2 sources. Is there a way to change that without losing what’s on there? Or is it simpler to format a new drive with Linux and transfer everything to it?

Hey @DerekSK!
The shift is actually very easy, provided your drive is in the correct format. And by format, I mean file system. If it’s on the old APFS (Apple File System), which I am suspecting, then it can only be Read-Only. In that scenario, yes, you will need a new drive to format it under Linux and copy everything to it.

Thanks @vasileios
Had this drive about 4/5 years, & set it up with this iMac. A relatively easy fix. And who doesn’t need an extra external drive?! :wink:

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You’re very welcome!
Tell me about it. I have 4 external hard drives and 4 internal ones that I use externally with docking stations. :smiley: