Reading Facebook via Linux

Ok, we know Facebook tracks loads of information about their users.

But I belong (under an alias, no personal data provided, no posts) to a “private” usergroup that has information I want.


  1. Even though I have not provided any personal information in my account, what information does FB gather when I just log in (from Linux computer) to read other peoples’ posts?

  2. Does running BleachBit remove whatever detritus FB might have left on my system?


Hey @nwarren,
For Facebook on Linux, I would recommend the following two little things:

  1. A VPN when you connect to it
  2. Use Firefox and its extension “Facebook Container” - which stops FB from tracking you outside of its own page.

Also, combine this with the following two extensions:

  1. uBlock Origin and
  2. Privacy Badger

Then you should be good, as good as it can be. :slight_smile:


Got it, @vasileios. Thank you.

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