Raspberry Pi stalls with pink screen

The mouse pointer is there but frozen. Just after an upgrade in Ubuntu. Thunderbird mail kept freezing. I rebooted once, tried Thunderbird again and it was still freezing. Tried another reboot and it is now in limbo.

Did you happen to setup Timeshift by chance?

If not, you may want to reinstall the operating system. Sounds like something may have gotten corrupted during the update process.

Hey @GrillerMiller!
Did you install the Raspberry Pi version of Ubuntu? I’m only asking since I got myself a Raspberry Pi 4 and I noticed there are a few different versions of Pi architectures - and some can be rather bothersome. :slight_smile:

Hi Vasileios,
Yes. I had been running the Raspberry version for a month or so with little issue. I was doing some mail maintenance in Thunderbird and noticed it acting kind of wacky after it had popped up with an upgrade notice. I just clicked it and let it finish while I work. It finished and never asked for a reboot, which I thought odd for a system upgrade. It started freezing so I rebooted. Everything came back up and I started back with Thunderbird and it started freezing again. After the next reboot it never went past the pink screen. I couldn’t get it boot into safe mode no matter what key, esc, shift, etc. I went ahead and flashed the same version to a 128G sd card and can boot from that. And was even able to mount the drive and do a repair to the partition. But it still has pink screen.
Thanks for the answer back! I’m going to try to recover my data and go back to Raspian. I had asked Will about an Ubuntu issue on the Raspberry a while back and he said he wasn’t too familiar with Ubuntu on that platform. He uses Raspian. After issues with the Raspberry version….actually 2 versions….I give all the credit to Will.

No. No time shift. I’m going back to Raspian.
Thanks for the answer back!

I have heard that people have some issues with Ubuntu due to the latest updates. Hopefully, those will get fixed soon. I personally use my Raspberry Pi 4 with the Ubuntu Server and so far it has been flawless. Naturally, it’s text-only, so it doesn’t challenge the pocket computer much!
Though it does handle 31TB of storage space quite admirably I might add.

I hear Manjaro is putting out an edition for the Raspberry Pi, though I haven’t tried it - as I only need a server. :slight_smile: