Need to Fresh Install Mint Cinnamon / Cannot Access Boot Menu

I just recently installed Mint Cinnamon on my Laptop, completely erasing Windows when given the option.

I have installed some programs messing around and want a clean slate, however, I cannot access the boot menu. I have tried the route of etc/default/grub and changing the Grub from hidden to menu and setting the timeout to “5” but it will not let me save the file.

Being that I am a linux newbie, I figured someone on here might be able to give me the idiotproof way of doing this. As mentioned the desired state would be a fresh install.


Hey @epictrader42 and welcome to the forums!
Grub’s configuration exists in a protected area of the drive, so you will need to attain root privileges to be able to save it.

For example, open up your terminal and execute:

sudo xed /etc/default/grub

This will allow you to save the changes. Once you do and fall back to terminal, type:

sudo update-grub

So that your new settings go into effect. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! Install went perfect.


You’re most welcome! Enjoy your Digital Freedom! :smiley: