Namecheap domains

So I decided to apply for some domains, and registered three of them, paid for them, and then for some reason I was flagged as possibly being fraudulent. This is what they have requested and I am wondering if it is even worth going through the hassle.

Alternatively, please follow the instructions below to get your account verified:

  • take a color photo of your identification (driver’s license, passport, identity card, Nigerian voter’s card, U.S. military ID, permanent resident card, Canadian/U.S./Australian Health Insurance card with photo)

Hey @patpsalm4610!
This is the second time I’m hearing about it. Did you use any pre-paid or different kind of card to purchase the domains? I have two on NameCheap and I haven’t encountered something like that. At least not yet.

I used my bank debit card. It’s not one of the big banks, it’s a Midwest Bank. Maybe that’s the problem.

Doubtful. Perhaps there’s an increased volume of domain purchases lately and they have a trigger for those who buy 3 or more domains. I purchased a domain from them too, using a credit union debit card, but they didn’t ask “for my papers”! :laughing:

Maybe my biblical name choice of patpsalm44610 :roll_eyes:

Guess I’ll go ahead and give them the info so I can keep moving forward on creating my own stuff!

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Howdy!! Just my $.02 but I purchased a single domain from Name Cheap and I did not have to prove my identity, either.

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