List of woke companies

Good points. Each item would be on a case-by-case basis, no doubt.

What do you mean? How would that work/be done?

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This is excellent!

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You mean the display? Or the data gathering?

This D3 Visual. Is it an app?

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It’s a JavaScript library (coding stuff).

This list has really expanded since I saw it in December! It had very few companies on it back then.

My husband and I use this list above and 2ndVote to research companies.
Everyone should make their own choice on what is too far woke for them. On the biggest offenders, we agree, but others are in the gray area. Some of those he boycotts and I don’t. Or the opposite.

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McDonalds is woke…cant stand their food…but in a pinch theyll still get my money. Good idea, but what about practical application. I wouldnt want to create THAT database. Would be a logistics nightmare!!

Be better to have a dB that stored the ones with patriot/American values and American made. That would end up being 5 full time jobs though.

From It’s FOSS, some alternatives to Adobe software, sorry I can’t help you with the iPhone, I’m personally stuck with my VZW Android for a few more months… So ready to get a Pixel 4 or 5 and get Graphene on it!

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Excellent. I need to contact them to see if they have an API or something similar.

I started something similar: Tech Alternatives for Conservatives