List of woke companies

I believe we vote with our money, and once I learn that a company is woke or simply goes against my values, I stop purchasing/using their services to the best of my abilities (right now I’m bound to Apple and Adobe, but hopefully, not for long).

I thought it would be beneficial if we could start a simple, easy to read (as in just list the name of the company, one company per post/reply) so that we can skim quickly. What do you think? I’d go first, but I cannot post a reply with less than 20 characters…


I had started something similar, but it got really big waaaaay too fast. Given i was trying to provide additional information beyond just the company name which made it overly complicated.

After attempting that, I kind of resolved to try and keep track of non woke companies. Unfortunately that list is smaller, but more manageable.


Maybe the Admins would be open to a new Category… they can choose the name, but a Category for companies who are on the same side we are, and to promote FOSS companies/organizations. We each could add a post, using the company’s name as the Title for the post.

What say you, Admins?


I suspect most of us are actually pretty busy for doing all the checking and cross matches on something like that. I suppose we can put it to a vote (or whatever we need to do) but, when it comes down to it, my personal opinion about a company might differ from someone else’s opinion, and there will be times when people are just plain wrong about “wokeness” of someone. lol

Personally, I think it is up to every, last one of us, to make our OWN individual decisions, not use “Fact Checkers” (which is technically what you’re recommending people become) to decide things for the others.

The truth is - we all need to do our own legwork, look at every option we have available and decide based upon our particular needs what we want to do. That includes making our own lists of businesses with whom we will work, or not work.

I already do this for myself. (Of course, this is just my own opinion and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of others’ in the community, Admins, or Jeff.Pro)


Thank you Pirate_Fletcher for your thoughts on this! Well put, in my opinion. I would much rather have folks evaluate “my company” based on their own research to verify the facts, than simply finding “my company’s” name in a list and basing their decisions on that list alone. I have used someone’s list as a springboard, but I hold myself responsible to verify the reasoning for inclusion on a list. We need to continually challenge the cost of “convenience” in our lives!


Oh, had you started the woke list here? And the non-woke, is it here?

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I hear what you’re saying, but I think that some parameters for woke are very clear, such as gender blurring and abortion, no? I’ve been an Adobe user for over two decades, and was shocked when I learned they donated money to planned parenthood. I don’t know, it’s not always that the companies’ values are plain for all to see… but I get your point.

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If that’s the case then take this information for what is worth: 99% of major corporations that are publicly traded are owned by four investment companies. They are Vanguard, Blackrock, Berkshire Hathaway, and State Street. Vanguard owns Blackrock, Berkshire Hathaway, and State Street. 100% of the companies that Vanguard owns have all permeated woke ideologies of some kind. This includes:

Home Depot
General Electric
…to name a few.

Basically, if you limit yourself to local businesses, or companies that are not publicly traded, you should be good.


And there you have it. LOL

We have a saying in the Pirate’s Guild. “Damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.”

Basically, this means that no matter what your decisions are, somewhere, somehow your decision MAY harm another. Who you harm is a matter your own, personal decision - and you might not even realize who it is you’re harming :slight_smile:

Shop local, keep all your money in the local economy if you can. ( I live on an island, and tend to support local establishments through both high season and low, non-tourist season, in return, they stay open for us on the island when the tourists go back to where ever tourists go to)

Unfortunately, there are a few things that are difficult to get here on the island. Computer equipment, radio gear, certain electronics, there are NO large appliances and almost NO doctors in the area. So - there’s that.


Those are good points. One man’s woke is another man’s normal. At a minimum, there should be supporting links to any individual entity on a list.

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Thank you for this! Only getting back here today, and that’s a really good outline! That’s what I’ve been trying to do lately: buy from local, small and national brands and companies.

Burger King

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Btw, I joined your telegram group today. Excellent directory you’ve gotten there! :blush:


Yes, I’ve been favoring my neighborhood every way I can. And favoring the small is more expensive, but if we think about it, we are saving on other aspects when we do business with them.


Our 2022 goal is to (slowly) move the funds in our accounts at a huge, multi-national financial institution, to our local, state chartered and federally insured credit union.

This is one way to focus on local.

And, we started buying farm-fresh eggs almost two months ago. Looking to support other local food producers.

@SBHX Today, I just watched, on, the video “Monopoly”, which discusses who owns what and who, supporting what we had read in the WSJ earlier this year about Vanguard, etc.

Not much new-news for me, as I’ve many revolutions around the sun notched on my belt of life, but it confirmed several suspicions.

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Glad that video is making the rounds. I, too, knew a lot of what he covered, but he linked it to a lot of whats going on very well. It serves as a great “RedPill” video to share with people.

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Yes, he did a very good job.

Another resource is “Amazing Polly” on

She was banned from YT because she mapped out in great detail all the connections between all of the players.

And, then there’s the blog “Cory’s Digs”. She also maps the connections.

Same names keep appearing the more we “dig”.

Something important for this is to map out the board members, their connections, etc. We can drop it into a D3 visual or something like that…

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I found this:


Yes, I found this list quite a while ago and was going to paste it, but you already did. I like the list because it gives the reasons the companies are listed as “woke.” I have to say I think his reason for boycotting Food Lion is weak (there are lots of ways to be offended when it comes to believing the American flag deserves respect and I think the list creator may have thought the company was offended by the flag itself, rather than the by fact that people were wearing it to cover their faces, which might be seen as something else entirely) and I still shop there. Where I am Food Lion employees are mask free, half masked, unmasked, or masked depending on how they feel on any given day. Our Food Lion doesn’t harass employees or customers AT ALL about masks and, as far as I know, is just getting on with life. Otherwise, I like the list.