Is it difficult to build your own VPN?

Here I am asking this question and I’m such a newbie; however, I’m curious. If I have an IP that is part of Big Brother, am I really free until I can ensure they can’t see everything I do? I installed Linux Mint on my old HP.

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Jeff is having a specific Workshop tomorrow regarding building your own VPN. However, in order to access it, you’ll have to be enrolled in the LMS (Learning Management System) course group, which comes with a subscription.

As far as I know, the email invitations were sent out today, but the Workshop will be recorded and placed on the LMS platform by Sunday.

If you’re interested in the LMS, you can visit

Thank you!

I didn’t realize that registration was open! Registering now and I’ll check back Sunday for the recording.

Again, thank you!

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As always, it’s my pleasure! :blush:

I do not think your “own” VPN solves the problem a lot of people use vpns for. If it is only you using the VPN, then everyone knows it is you.

Using a VPN lots of others use means you are lost among the masses, hidden in plain sight.

I still believe the most practical solution for most is a router preconfigured for a variety of vpns and/or preconfigured for Tor.

This article lists some options