Installing WiFI Adapter

So, I purchased a wifi adapter Mint Cinnamon,and was expecting a setup.exe file. I know I have a lot to learn. I found the drivers for TL-WN725N and downloaded them from TP-Link, and am having a hard time wrapping my head around where to go from here. Thank you

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Thanks, I will try, but now I have a problem, I am installing it on my imac and it does not recognize the mause- I am stopped, what should I do?

Which WiFi adapter did you pick up?
Can you open up a terminal window and please send me a photo of the output of:


Thank you!

Good morning!

TP-link TL-WN725N

I don’t know how, but I clicked on the wifi icon, and a bunch of wifi’s showed up, and I got connected! Now I can start learning!


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Perhaps it took the WiFi adapter a while to initialize and for Linux to add it to its kernel. Anyhow, congratulations and enjoy! :slight_smile:

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