Installing from a USB

I just bought a Linux mint USB from Linux builder on Amazon. I am unable to get it to load on my win10 laptop. I have changed to boot order in the bios to USB device. When I view the contenta of the UAB, it shows Linux mint loaded on it. Any suggestions?

@bsmile2 to clarify when you look at the contents of the USB you see a file called mint.iso or the actual file structure?

I would return the USB. If you have a thumb drive, you can do it for free.

I do not see mint.iso. it looks like I am just seeing the file structure

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Can you post a screenshot of it?

Hey @bsmile2 and welcome to the forums!
It happens that some computers outright refuse to boot from some USB thumb drives or if those drives were flashed with a certain application. Don’t ask, it must be some form of “prejudice”! :laughing:

I’ve experienced that with a certain USB, which would boot on my laptop, but not on my desktop and vice versa. Also, some computers prefer flashing via Balena Etcher, other via Rufus, and others via the Disks utility on a Linux system!

I would recommend what @Tacodogg said. Initially download Balena Etcher and the Linux Mint ISO from the web, install Etcher and use it to flash the ISO to a blank USB thumb drive and boot from it. :slight_smile:
Also, make sure you have Secure Boot disabled on your computer.


@bsmile2 I would go along with what @vasileios said. I have had it happen to me as well. The USB I converted 2 HP laptops with would not work to convert an HP Desktop. Let us know how you fare and if there are any other questions. Cheers!

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