How to install/uninstall BadWolf if it's not in the repository

I am running Pop OS 21.10 and BadWolf is not part of the repository, so can’t get to it from the software store.

I thought I can install it like Tor Browser by changing a line the .desktop file and make it executable but I must be doing something wrong…

How do I install (and uninstall in case I need to remove it) and run BadWolf on my Pop OS?

Hey @Ai!
The BadWolf isn’t available directly from any repositories, so you’ll need to compile it from source. Go to your Downloads folder and make sure you have the necessary development tools to do so. Open up a terminal (inside your Downloads folder) and execute:

sudo apt install build-essential git

Then, pull BadWolf from its repository:

git clone

Once it’s done, enter the folder via:

cd badWolf

Then, the compilation goes like this:

./configure && make

This may take a while. Once it’s done, you can install the binaries by typing:

sudo make install

With this method, however, you won’t be getting automatic updates. The only way to update it will be the manual process. You can do this via:

cd ~/Downloads/badWolf
git pull

The last command will check if there are any updates on the repository. If not, it will tell you so. If it downloads something, it means you’ll need to update. This translates to re-compiling and re-installing it via:

./configure && make
sudo make install

That should do it. :slight_smile: