How to check files and directories on different drives

I have copied up my historical pictures and data to an external drive. I am going to wipe windows and install Ubuntu but I want to make sure my data is all there. Is there an app. to compare files and directories on different drives?

Hey @waynetb,
The simplest way, on Windows to check that everything was copied is to right click on each folder and select “Properties.” Then check on the drive space consumed and the number of files on each folder.

If those two match, then you should be good.

If you wish for a software that can do that for you, there’s GoodSync ( where you can create a new Job and select the origin and the target folder and do a scan to see if all the files are there or more need to be copied. Set it to backup mode and also (under options) uncheck the “Delegate deletions”.

You’ll need to do that for every different folder that is not under the same area (as a subfolder).

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I will give goodsync a try. Thanks!

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I recommend you learn to use rsync for doing your backups and archives. I think it’s the best way - very simple - and you can easily write a one line script that manages backups with crontab.

Just be sure to run it with a test directory to make sure you get the results you want. It’s easy to start duplicating entire directories when all you really wanted was a sync. Also, you would want to leave the source files in place until you’re confident enough to clean up behind it.