Flipping Laptops Checklist Resource

I’m formulating a checklist to use for flipping laptops for sale. My list is composed of assumptions that a potential customer might expect when purchasing a used (Linux) laptop. Perhaps all these items aren’t necessary. I’m looking for input and suggestions from those who might be willing to help refine the list so anyone here can use it as a resource.

Load Linux selecting best distro for specific laptop capabilities

Designate Browser
Designate Search Engine
Ad Blocker
Wifi (test)
Bluetooth (test)

Battery Check

Cosmetic cleanup
Clean Fan


Create Shortcut Menu

System info used to advertise:
HD size
Hardware Specs

Criteria for replacing battery, hard drive, others (?)

How to test other essential components

The goal is to deliver a high quality piece of technology with consideration to elements of customer expectations. Looking for minimum and maximum range of requirements and to eliminate the possibility of problems after delivery to the customer.

@wizardcq This is a great question and I am sorry no one replied. Were you able to come up with a working profile for the computer? if not, @vasileios can help for sure, but it will depend on the end users purpose (student, gamer, business owner, telecommuter, etc.) Cheers!

Thank you for spotting this, @BigDaveAZ!
The issue remains that the forum does not inform me of all the posts for some reason - and it’s still going on today.

Much has changed since November, when it comes to the ideal specs of a system. What I would refine is the following:

You don’t need to check for printers, as you don’t know which one(s) your customer(s) will have. And the database is huge.

Yes, you can install UFW as the firewall (especially the GUFW) and have it active.

Per the browser, install Brave and remove Firefox. It has its own ad-blocker and search engine, so you don’t have to clean that one up.

As it comes to the distro, I’d recommend starting it with Ubuntu 22.04, currently. If you want to differentiate between Windows users and macOS users, you can install the Gnome Shell Integration extension on the Brave Browser and then install the two following extensions that will allow the dock to become a Windows-like panel:

  • Dash to Panel
  • Arc Menu

By activating them, Ubuntu will look like a Windows system. Keeping them inactive makes Ubuntu look like macOS.

I highly recommend using an SSD instead of an HDD. Make it at least 256GB.

Per the RAM size, 4 to 8GB would be ideal for budget friendly laptops.

For the best results, the laptop has to be perfectly cleaned up. If possible, de-dust its interior and replace the CPU/GPU conductor paste, so that it prolongs the system’s life.

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