EXT camera is not working not that I'm in ubuntu

I’ve got UBUNTU now running on my computer that last week I had windows and was able to do all my work from home that requires me to do video conferencing. When I went to do the meeting my camera did not work. I searched and reinstalled but then the camera visual (logi) came up with pixels instead of clear image. I can’t figure out what else to debug at this point. Anyone have a clue on this? I just want to make sure I can use my video conferencing in UBUNTU

Looks like I had to do some more code to use it. Got it working.
Here’s the video/ref I used to fix this if anyone has an issue in the futre Using a Logitech StreamCam on Linux


Congratulations, glad you were able to get it fixed while waiting for a reply.

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Bravo on getting it done, @stephana!
The forum - at times - tends to forget to notify me of unread topics. My apologies.

In general, everything that is USB works right out of the box with Linux. I tend to use a USB video capture card (2 of them, actually) where I connect my Canon and a server. They both work out of the box.

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