Error message on startup with Ubuntu Studio

I’m getting this error message during startup. It passes and the login screen shows up after a few seconds, but is this anything worth trying to fix?


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I believe this has to do with virtualization and is a common error when getting into VirtualBox, Qemu etc.

You need to scour your BIOS setting for your particular system and locate anything related to that based on your system.

I think we talked about older system being utilized that you received? If that’s the Dell, likely its Intel based and VTX is the setting your looking for, just enable, reboot and check again.

Hope this helps.

Hey @dotedus!
Those types of errors are common with some systems. It won’t hinder the functionality of the OS other than it may act up when you hibernate or suspend your system. I used to get them on several systems but they never created any deal-breaking issue.