De-google flashing patch boot image error

Hello! Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am getting to the last step of patching boot image and when i put in the code on terminal (on a macbook) i am getting this error:
Chriss-Air:platform-tools chrisbakouris$ ./fastboot flash boot/Users/chrisbakouris/Desktop/magisk_patched-22100_zWPCC.img
fastboot: error: cannot determine image filename for ‘boot/Users/chrisbakouris/Desktop/magisk_patched-22100_zWPCC.img’

I am a newbie to this and followed the directions in a video while following XDA-developer instructions. I am working on a Pixel 4a and got the bootloader unlocked and am now stuck on this before I can complete the task and install Graphene or Lineage.
Thanks for any advice.