Considerations - ready to make the change!


Really enjoy all the posts and helpfulness here. Thank you everyone.

Ready to start with an old laptop and have found the steps as suggested and will follow them along with all the saved stuff I’ve got from reading on T for a couple of months in the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime extricating my business from BTech is where I need help and suggestions please.

Libre Office to replace M/Office. Donel

I use a CRM which is Linux compatible.

Need a email system. Suggestions appreciated on how to best set this up. Am currently using Roundcube via the cpanel for my domain with server hosted on Bluehost. Bit clunky after using Proton, however Proton does not allow forwarding to the CRM which is crucial, so can’t use it for my business. Any suggestions?

Plan on setting up a website which will be wordpress. Should I wait till running on Linux??

Looking at Sortly as we need a visual asset database for stock. It’s cloud based - is that an issue? Are there similar alternatives that you think might be better.

I’ll leave it at that for now - and thank you in advance.


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Why can’t you forward to your CRM from Proton? I’m doing something similar right now (I wrote a little bit of code for it) but you can make it work, depending on what you’re trying to do.

Proton don’t allow forwarding due to their encryption process.

You can’t pull with their bridge?

Tried that but it also does not work. I have been onto their help but at this stage they said it’s not possible. Sending from within CRM doesn’t work with proton due to their restrictions.

I’ve tried for weeks, between the tech on the server, the tech on the crm (both fabulous) and what little I could find on proton, plus their email in for help and it does not work.

Excited for your choices! I am too new to have suggestions, other than I’m pretty sure you want your WordPress server to be Linux operating system!
I highly recommend The Jeff.Pro Linux for Beginners Course! Very much worth the time and effort it takes! Blessings on your conversions!!
Course 009 - WordPress on a VPS
Course 010 - WordPress Live Session
Course 011 - SSH in a Nutshell
Course 012 - SSH Keys
Course 015 - Harden your VPS security
Course 017 - OpenVPN Server
Course 018 - Your WordPress Site-Business
Course 024 - Build a Full Server (WordPress, Email, FTP, DNS)

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Thank you so much @elleneia that is exactly what I need. Now to wait for the next intake.

Very much appreciate your reply. :star_struck:

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So happy to help! You are most welcome!

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