Configuring VPN

I’m trying to get this VPN figured out. Having a problem configuring wireguard. Its really not that hard but more like learning a new language. My problem is I just dont know all the basics.
Question Is it necessary to have a VPS?
Can my computer be the server & the client?

Turning your own computer into a VPN server kind of beats the purpose. The main purpose of a VPN tunnel is to hide your IP by diverting it to another server. If you run it from the system you’re working on, your IP will remain the same.

Funny After reading and watching videos for hours thats the conclusion I came too. Thank YOU!!
Is there a reason you use openvpn instead of wireguard?

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You’re most welcome!
I generally select OpenVPN because it has been out longer and it’s tested. WireGuard is much newer and - yes - efficient, but it’s still stated as “experimental.” Therefore you might encounter a few bugs as you go along.

I noticed WireGuard was out of date for Ubuntu. Is that a problem?

Nope. The Ubuntu repositories always go via the most vetted versions in terms of stability and security. The newer versions (AKA bleeding edge) have new features, most of which are experimental and unstable for production (reliable) work.