Cider not downloading

Cider is not working with my Pop OS. I downloaded it through the POP Shop and it installed just fine. After signing into my Icloud account, I got a spinning wheel that never stopped. Nothing downloaded. Thanks for any help in advance.
Best Suzanne
PS: Our last. LMS lesson was wonderful.

If you are using any other iDevices like phone or iPad, check them for messages from Apple when you are trying to log in. You will probably get a 6 digit code to enter. Sometimes it gives you a pop up with spaces to enter the numbers in. I’ve recently found that it wants your password followed by the code. (Small print message in the message with the code). That has worked for me several times.
As far as being secure? It’s Apple. If we still have ties, we’re not secure.
Personally, I went all in. Linux computers. Graphene Pixel 4XL. The whole enchilada. I found after nearly a year that I couldn’t sell my Pixel and was missing still a lot of the content I had previously. And if you think about it, if you have a smart phone, it can be tracked even when turned off. The only way to be free is with no phone. Who does that besides Richard Stallman? Enjoy. Don’t worry too much.
PS: Close that window with the spinning ball. I get the same thing. The action is happening behind that window.

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