Can't reduce print margins - Mint 9.3

This is a long-standing problem but I never seem to find an answer that works or that I can understand. With Windows, I have no trouble printing to about a 0.1" margin with my Brother MFC printer. With Linux, I can’t reduce the margin to less than about 0.7". I have to shrink my documents to fit. That stinks for the stuff I have to print for customers. How do I tell Linux we’re not in 1995 anymore and to use the full capability of the printer?

Hello @drpatt and welcome to the forums!
Are you really on Mint 9.3 or did you mean to type 19.3 (the 32-bit version) of Linux Mint?

@#$$%%$#!!! I meant 19.3. 64 bit.

:laughing: I hear you there!
Perhaps an upgrade to the latest Mint 20 could help?
Which application are you using for your prints?

Printing from ANY app gives the same problem.
I’ll break some software I use for radio if I upgrade. A required library isn’t part of 20.

Its possible you may be able to install the required library after the fact. Do you know what library it requires?

I have a different Brother printer, on which I tried to replicate your issue. I noticed that it’s true. After I tried shifting some parameters, it decided not to print. I’ll give it another shot today.

Off the top of my head, no. As 19.3 is a current LTS version, I’m not in a hurry to do a difficult upgrade.

It’s an LTS version indeed, up until April of 2023. Mint has created new LTS since.
I apologize for not responding back yet. The day was super packed. I still owe you a test to see what could be wrong.