Can't log in when waking from sleep

I have Linux Mint Cinnamon on a HP 23 all in one. Works great. In the morning I can hit any key on the keyboard to wake the PC and it comes up for the password. At that point neither the keyboard nor mouse work. I have to manually turn the PC off and back on. Then I can log in and everything works fine until the next morning. Something needs a tweek but I don’t know what.

My Ubuntu was doing the same thing for a bit, keep updating it I’d say, but in my case, when it was happening, I just tapped the power button on the desktop and it woke up finally after no response from HID (mouse/keyboard). Other times I had to manually power cycle it, but that trick was often successful, hopefully that works.

I can’t help much from a software perspective beyond updating regularly, not my lane.

Also check settings for sleep/power management options maybe?

Hey @Mikeybob!
I’d dare say that it’s a hit and miss situation in this scenario. I’ve noticed that to happen on my MacBook Air that I used to run Zorin on (I’m test-running Fedora Design Suite currently). Sometimes it would wake up normally, other times it would just freeze. These are minor bugs that are being worked on.

At this point, I’d do as @GrapheneGoat suggests. Keep your system updated - as this bug will be corrected eventually. Meanwhile, try a manual suspend and check to see if the wake-up function works.

Thanks guys. This issue started next day after an update. Once it’s up and running everything works perfectly. I’ll keep up with updates, I’m sure one will will come out and correct it. Thanks again, God bless.

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Have you opened a Mint help to report it. We are a part of the programming solution. You got to tell them about the problem in detail. Be as specific as possible about the issue. Most of the time, they well respond within a minute. It might have already been worked out and all you have to do is go into terminal and copy/paste the solution onto your terminal.
The help link on your welcome screen is a easy start. Your choices are web forum or IRC chat. The chat is quicker for response and I have used it quite a bit in the beginning of my Linux journey! Whoever is online could maybe fix it quick.

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Try this, but at your own peril. :blush: Make sure to have a backup of your system files that you can use to restore should something get screwed up. You can backup your system files with Timeshift. Here’s the video that has a possible solution to your problem.

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No I haven’t reported it. I won’t be around this PC until sometime Monday. I’ll do it then.
Thank you very much sir.

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You are most welcome! Let us know what it is!

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