Can’t watch video on tv using hdmi

Trying to watch video on tv using a HDMI cable from laptop. Laptop is running Linux Mint Cinnamon. All I see on the tv is the background picture from my laptop Home Screen. No icons, no video, nothing else. I do get the sound on the tv but no video. Viewing on Rumble running in Firefox.

According to stackexchange theres a setting in Mint display settings to "mirror and not as a extended 2nd monitor, have you looked for this yet?

my $.02, this happened to me, as well. Before I found the mirror setting, when I closed the lid of the laptop the TV showed the desktop. Not sure why.


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I have to drag the tab to my big screen and make sure the audio settings are set to use the hdmi cable. I hope this helps.

Thanks for the reply. I tried your suggestion and it worked. We’re good now.
Later I tried MrDeplorableUSA suggestion. I went to display and with the HDMI cable attached, set mirror to “on” without changing any other settings, saved it and the video started playing on my tv with the laptop open.

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That worked! I activated mirror without changing any other settings and saved . The video immediately started on my TV. Thank you.
I’m still learning Linux and I’m NOT going back to windows.