Bluetooth devices drop off

I have Garuda running on a MacBook Pro and have bluetooth keyboard, mouse and trackpad that connects and works until they all disconnect and will not reconnect without reboot. Is there a log I can look at somewhere?

@MacksM3 I would think that there should be. @vasileios , what do you think?

Hey @MacksM3!
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You can check everything that’s going on with your Bluetooth by executing:

journalctl | grep Bluetooth
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that shows me a record of when it stopped, but no clue why it stopped

My first guess is power management. When first-installed, Linux can be power-stingy, so the settings should help. If not, you might want to check to see if the blueman Bluetooth manager makes things better:

sudo apt install -y blueman bluez bluez-tools

Once done, hit:

sudo systemctl restart bluetooth.service

Then run BlueMan (it will appear as Bluetooth Manager) to see if that helps out better.

shouldn’t garuda use sudo pacman install or something other than apt?

Apologies! Too much Ubuntu and Mint-related responses this past couple of hours!
Yes, the command is as follows:

sudo pacman -S bluez bluez-tools blueman

The systemctl is the same.

Shame on me… and I’m sitting on an Arch station. :laughing:

OK, blueman is installed, now to wait and see if it disconnects itself again

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