Been using a plugged in microphone for audio recording. Doesn't work - just this model

My wife has been doing podcast recordings for weeks using Audio Recorder and a Sampson Q2U microphone plugged. It was plug-and-play using Audio Recorder with no problem until today. Her recording had a buzzing sound in it and then stopped recording audio so we had faulty audio then blank track. We tried a microphone i had and it was plug-and-play with no problem. So we went and picked up an identical Sampson Q2U microphone and plugged it in. The name and model number came up in the choices (just like it before and just like it did with my microphone) but again, we’re getting no audio recording. We also tried Audacity to see if it was a sudden problem with Audio Recorder. Nope, we got flat tracks with the Sampson microphone, but my microphone did record correctly.

We went to the Sound Settings panel and checked in the Input tab with the Samson chosen and the input level wouldn’t move. I took the Samson to my MacBook Pro and it works fine. I plugged in MY microphone on Sallie’s Linux and the Input did move in Sound Settings.

Maybe there’s something to run in terminal to fix this glitch?

She did run all updates on systems, but nothing to report there.

Did find something on the main Linux boards.

" delete everything in .config/pulse (except presets folder if you have one) run pulseaudio -k in Terminal, reboot and try again. sometimes unplugging and plugging back in kickstarts it."

I delete the files running rm .config/pulse/*

We did have to run up the input volume a little higher as a result, but we are getting sound now.


Hey @DavidBorrink and great work on finding the solution!
I came across the same issue myself and ended up purging the configuration the modules and re-installing them. It’s basically the same thing, only you found the more surgical solution. Great work!

Yeah, I figured it had to be something like that. Since the mic was fine on my Mac, it had to be some file remnant on the Linux that had to be reset. So we did that. Hopefully we’re good. We’ll find out tomorrow when Sallie does her next cast.

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