Alternatives to Google Drive and Dropbox

Hello. Does anyone know if there are alternate services for Google Drive and Dropbox? They would have to be free and easy to use, so that I can try and convince my clients to start using them. Thank you.


Hey there! Here’s a list of Open Source alternatives that you can check out.


This is great! Thank you!

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Tresorit is the best option out there !

I’ve been using ProtonDrive, but I have ProtonMail and ProtonVPN. I have not used any free alternative as of yet, but I’ll keep my eyes open.

I use them, too. But can you share files through proton drive? I want something that I can get Google drive users to see that there are options that they might like better. Wishful thinking, but I gotta try.

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You can… you can do a shared link to the file, protected or unprotected. You can expire them as well.

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That’s great! I need to look into that, so.

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