64-bit Snapdragon Development Kit - Fun Project?

Gary Explains has a new video out talking about the 64-bit Snapdragon (ARM) Development Kit. Granted, this is focused on Windows, BUT I’m guessing Windows can be easily wiped, and a Linux ARM Distro installed (will have to research that). At $200, I just ordered one. What the hell. Looking at it as a fun experiment, project.

Here’s Gary’s video link -


That’s a wonderful idea. I get my kicks, when I have free time (sound effects of laughter here), I play with Gentoo. Development would be nice, but I need the day to be at least twice as long! Or not require sleep. :smiley:

Out of curiosity, What is it about Gentoo that attracts/holds your focus?

The complexity and extreme customization of it. It only utilizes what you give it. Imagine, its KDE environment started completely bare. I had to switch TTY to install a terminal. :smiley:

It’s a great exercise, but it demands a good amount of time.

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The size comparison of the ARM/Qualcomm 7c based ECS LIVA QC710 ($219) next to my NUC7i7DNB with i7-8650U.

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Looking like I might have to resort to a backup plan (for the time being - more research), and just use this neat little device as a low-powered Win11 box. That frees me up to repurpose my NUC7i7DNB. Gonna swap out the Win10 NVMe for a 2TB drive, then install Zorin 16 Core (which is currently on my 2011 Acer i5-2450M laptop).